Prayers for my sister please!

I need some more prayers now.

Yesterday my younger sister (36 years old) had knee replacement surgery due to an old soccer injury. Any way, she is in a lot of pain, but most of all she is starting to get a fever. Last I checked, it was 103.5 and they are starting another course of antibiotics. At least she is in the hospital is what I keep telling myself.

Needless to say, I am worried as usual, but there is nothing else I can do but pray.



I will pray for your sister.

At 40, I am looking at a knee replacement in the future. Your sister has my prayers for the fever and a full recovery.

It is GOOD that she is at the hospital. They can treat her there, and most likley would not send her home until that fever is gone.

Prayers your way.


Thanks for your prayers. She did leave the hospital and is recovering at my mother’s house until she gets better. She still is in a lot of pain as to be expected, but she is doing well with her physical therapy.

Thanks again!


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