Prayers for new priest in Newtown Ct


After the Sandy Hook massacre at the elementary school, this newly ordained priest (2 yrs) has seen a lifetime of horror and death. His sister is asking for prayers to keep him lifted up in God's grace.


Thank you for sharing this.



I will post this link on my Facebook group as well as my other groups here on CAF, I did The Divine Mercy Chaplet aleady, but may do it as a  novena, and can be assured many have been keeping them in prayer while praying the Rosary daily.

God Bless Our Priests and Nuns/Sisters:grouphug: Mary:signofcross:


That would be great, thank you. I can't imagine how beyond tired he is and how much grief and tears have been surrounding him. He is probably doing the best he can, but hadn't had much experience before this.
I pray the awful side of human beings he witnessed is overshadowed by the kindness and generosity of others.

This was original link:


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