Prayers for our little daughter


I know others have such more serious problems…I feel bad asking but…

Ok at the bottom of her thumb on her palm side there is a knot or cyst or something. I noticed it today because she was acting like something was hurting her. She is 15 months old, and she is my whole world. Her daddy and I love her so much it just hurts. She is just the most perfect little girl in the world (sorry, mother’s bias.) haha!

Well, then she was totally fine…and has been fine since then, but I can feel that there is a sticking out right there. You know, I cant really describe it but it definitely is not on the other hand. we’ll go to the pediatrician tomorrow but I’m really upset and nervous…anyone know what it might be?

Asking for a little prayer if you can think of it. I usually dont ever ask, but in this case, I’m asking for my precious little babycakes.



I am praying or your daughter…:gopray:

and yes, others may have larger [and more serious issus]. Lets both of us say a prayer for them too…:gopray2: and :gopray:

Okay, I hope you feel better…

Jesus said that we could not loose a hair from our heads that the father does not know it…Now I do not know what your hair brush or comb looks like in th morning, but God is busy considering my life by the amount of hair left! ANd thats before we get to the trivial problems. What about the real important stuff…is he too tied by that time?..I think not…God cares about any problem that causes us concern…Being God, he can handle the mundane right along with the ‘big’ and serious issues…

I hope your check up with the doctor goes well…REMEMBER:

Jesus is sending angels to your aid and God holds you in His hands…good, bad, happy, sad, serious, or trivial…we are His Children…

God Blees you and your family!


Regina coeli, Queen of Heaven, take this mother and child under your mantle of blue. Hold this little girl’s mother in your arms, Sweet Virgin Mary, and inspire her with the confidence that your Divine Son will guide the hands of her pediatrician.

I have every hope, that, if you would, Our Mother, present vester444’s petition before the Heavenly Physician Himself that her ailment of the hand be fixed with but a look from Him.

May treatment be swift and effective, and may Vesta’s daughter grown in health and holiness all of her days. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord, Amen.




Aww, I have a 15 month old child too…I know how it feels to to be worried abou their bruises and pains. I have other kids too, and you never stop. There is such a feeling of awe for their life that you don’t want them to suffer the least trauma. I also CERTAINLY pray that the cyst is NOT serious. You are a good mother to go check it out! My prayers are with you and may the Blessed Mother guide her always, and inspire her to be GOOD for her Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.



Glad to see you posted it here in the prayer forum!! Now she will have many people praying for her today… Be calm and don’t worry about the doctors appt. GOD IS IN CONTROL!!




It’s serious to you…

Father, please! heal this child. Whatever the bump or lump is on her tiny hand, please make her body absorb it and have no lasting effects. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

To the world we may just be one person, to one person we may just be the world.


Lord, I life this little girl up to You, and ask that You wrao Your loving arms around her. Please, Lord, heal her hand that she may grow normal and have a wonderful life serving You. In Jesus name we pray.


:crossrc: My prayers for your little girl and her mama…


first off, I am overwhelmed and humbled that you all took the time to pray for me and for our little daugther. I’m just very moved, so thank you.

We went to the pedi this morning. He said its not a cyst and not a growth, but rather the bone on one hand is abnormally prominent, and then he used a bunch of big words. :slight_smile: Bottom line is that its nothing to worry about…now. No MRIs or Xrays now, but we just have to watch and wait and see. he didnt tell me what it COULD BE eventually, so that worries me, but he honestly said he sees this often, and that it really is probably nothing, and especially since it isnt causing her pain she is most likely fine.

I’m still worried because my husband has a very very rare condition (segmental Neurofibromatosis) where he has tumors in only one leg at the age of 31, so when people tell me that something will “probably” be fine…or that the “odds are that it will be ok” I have a very skewed view of that because I know that it can happen that you are the one person where things are NOT fine…sigh…

Oh well. I think this is pretty good news, I’m asking my doctor friend what she thinks too and should hear back today. I wrote all the “big words” down haha. Anyway - I think it is still concerning and we have to watch it but for right now anyway I think its ok.

If I can impose, if you could just say a prayer of thanksgiving now to God to say that everything appears fine, and that if it is His Will to take this from her as she grows that it just disappears. thank you all so much for your prayers.



Oh Lord, I praise You and Thank You that this is nothing serious. Nonetheless, Lord, I ask that You remove this bump, so that this little girl will have nothing bothering her hands as she grows. And bring Your peace to her parents. In Jesus name we pray.


Father, all praise be to You. Please ease this mother’s worry about her little girl, and whatever the bump is on this daughter’s hand, please let it cause her no problems in her life and let it subside and disappear as she grows. Thank you Lord for all You do for us. Amen.


Queen of Heaven, we are grateful for holding this little girl and her mother in your arms. We offer praise and thanks to the Divine Physician for His aid, and thanks to you, sweet mother, for your intercession. Please continue to guide Vesta’s little girl to grow in health and holiness. We thank God the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


I pray that God’s presence will come to you in the form of peace of mind and surroundings and that in His omnipotence, He will empower you with all that you all need at this very moment - a clear mind, a strong soul, deep consolation, everlasting faith and a big compassionate embrace from Him to all of you. May God’s peace bring you hope.:wink:


If I can impose, if you could just say a prayer of thanksgiving now to God to say that everything appears fine, and that if it is His Will to take this from her as she grows that it just disappears. thank you all so much for your prayers.

Dear Vester…absolutely no imposition! Will keep your hopes in prayer…


Thank you God!! You are Wonderful!!


Thank you, God!:slight_smile:


Vesper praise GOD that all is well . Thank you lord !:slight_smile: But I would go to a couple of specialists for them to examine her just to be sure . It is worth the extra effort . Probably all is well , but it is best to be sure . LORD HEAL HER LITTLE GIRL AND ALL IS FINE . THANK YOU LORD , IN JESUS’S NAME , AMEN . I am sure all is ok . JOHN:thumbsup:



Please God if it continues they’ll be able to do something about it at the appropriate time - she’s still very much growing, and these sort of things do tend to sort themselves out.

At least she’s not in pain or anything - thank the Lord for His mercies!


Thank you everyone again…your prayers mean everything to me…really.

We are going to see a pediatric hand orthopaedic specialist on Thursday - I will keep you updated. I’ll take any and all prayers I can get.

I didnt take no for an answer. They said that they couldnt get her in for months. I wouldnt take that as an answer, so I got to a specialist who could see her thursday. :slight_smile: Thats a prayer answered already right there!

by the way…Im not a doctor, but I play one on the internet…haha. Let me tell you where the devil is. Tell a mommy something might be wrong with her baby’s hand and then let her loose on the internet. Thats hell right there. haha. It makes you have enough info to be dangerous and scared.


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