Prayers for our marriage reconciliation, and prayers for the woman who is obsessed with my husband


Please let me celebrate our working through our problems and having our love rekindled, and pray for the peace of mind to ignore an old high school friend of my hubby int who will not leave me or my husband be, she would like very much to have our marriage fail (after 20 years and 3 sons) so my husband would be free (in her mind) Please help her see that our marriage is not over, Lord, and help me stop feeling so angry towards her!! Thank you so much too Lord, for the love again of my dear husband


What a blessing! Praise God for the reconciliation of your marriage! :bowdown2:

I will pray for a change of heart for this woman. :frowning:


Prayers! :smiley:


I have been praying for all marriages and this is truly a blessing!

Very powerful of you to pray for this other woman.

Please keep us updated.


Praying for you. :gopray:




I am praying for your intentions.


I will ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten both your husband and the other woman to turn away from the sin of adultery. Your prayers must be mighty and steady. If your marriage is still together, ask God to help you to change what you must to keep your sacred vows intact. Good and lasting marriages are essential to our faith being propogated and for the Church to continue.


Praying for you:gopray2:

God Bless…



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