Prayers for our new assignment


We should find out this week where/when we will be moving again this summer…there are several options, one of which is to stay here another year…only the powers that be in the military know right now, and no one is leaking the list (we know it’s out there). We’re praying that where we go is where God wants us to be…only 5more days…


I will pray that you get sent to a place you are happy with. :slight_smile: CM



we are also waiting for orders after living in one place for 6 years. It will be a big change, but I’m getting excited. My husband is pushing for Hawaii. The only drawback will be that I don’t think they will allow us to bring our pet lizard, and I am also wondering about our Guinea pig, since islands are typically very strict about rodents,reptiles, birds and plants being imported, so I might be forced to find homes for some well loved pets and plants.

I will say a prayer for you specifically and another for all the other military families at Catholic Answers.

God Bless you and your family!


many prayers God bless


Ah, the waiting. I always anticipated where we would move to and luckily we have loved everywhere. My husband has already started putting out feelers even though we have a year left where we are at.

I will pray that you are at ease with where ever you are sent. And if it’s Europe, chat with me as we have live in different places there for the past 5 years.


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