Prayers for Pam (Jakasaki)

Everyone in non catholic religion forums, lets pray for our dear friend Jakasaki who is in the middle of hurricane Sandy, pray for her safety and hope she is ok.

Mods, please keep this here as most of her friends are here. Thank you

For Pam and all under Sandy’s wrath.


She has my prayers.

I’m not right on the coast, but here inland in southeast Pennsylvania, the wind is fierce and unrelenting.

We all need your prayers, but most especially for those along the coast, we are praying for you.

May Lord bless and keep her. May the hand of the Lord be upon her and all that are affected by Sandy. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Wow ~ I’m honored! :smiley:

Thanks guys for your prayers. We just got power back a few minutes ago and the first thing I had to do is check CAF!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of down trees but no harm to the house. All of the trees fell in our forest, but I now have a nice huge lake in my back yard. Must buy a row boat :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on the East End of Long Island and we are surrounded by Long Island Sound and the Peconic Bay. The Peconic Bay is responsible for the lake in my back yard… Hey… now I can say I have water view property… :smiley:

Lots of clean up to do as you can imagine. Be well everyone and thanks again!

I’ll be checking in once in a while because this clean up is exhausting!

All my best

Sandy was truely an awe inspiring display of God’s creation. I pray that Pam is well and that her home is not terribly damaged.

Prayers for Pamela. :gopray2:

**Nature may rage but Thou, O Lord, we know art a Loving God Who ever holdest in Thy hand all Thou hast created.
Unto Thee do we give thanks for all things
Grant us the humility to repent of our negligence in tending Thy creation and give us henceforth the will to serve Thee more faithfully.
All the days of our lives may we remember to honor and worship Thee as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. **

hon sent you an email,have you changed your email address? want to ring you, mine hasnt changed,email me your details and ill ring you…PLEASE!!

God has listened for his followers :amen:

Glad to hear you’re alright Pam

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