Prayers for Potentially Disastrous Family Reunion


Three sisters. All raised Catholic. Living in different parts of the country. One involved in a homosexual relationship. The other married four times. Both completely fallen away from the Catholic Church.

Two parents. Mom formerly known as bearing a close resemblence to Piper Laurie (the mother) in the 1970’s movie Carrie. Now in beginning stage Alzheimer’s but still full of p**s and vinegar. Tends to behave like a 2 year old whenver her “kids” are around (kid’s ages: 48, 52, 58!). Is demanding, irrational, narcissistic and yaps non-stop. Is losing her memory so quickly and dramatically that when you get mad at her, you immediately want to kill yourself for being so impatient.

Dad is long-suffering St. Joseph type who has let mom run rough shod over him for 60 years. It’s way too late for him to put his foot down so he throws the “kids” under the bus to keep her happy. Had triple bypass 2 years ago and walks a very fine line with his blood pressure (no doubt!).

The whole family hasn’t been together in over 15 years.

It’s just a powder keg so I need many, many prayers. Gonna be doing a novena myself the week before I leave.

Thanks in advace!


Oh:eek: my goodness! You have your heart & hands full.:hug3:



Blessedtoo is a champion of family. We pray that:

[Their] home will again become a sanctuary
and in every household will be rekindled the flame of faith
to teach patience in adversity
and moderation in prosperity
and to promote order, peace and harmony in all things.

Under Thy paternal gaze, O Lord,
and with confidence in Thy Providence
and in the loving patronage of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
the family will become a sanctuary of virtue
and a school of wisdom.*

Bless them with discernment, Lord:
Let all know when to take matters to heart
and when to let things ride.
Let them speak softly and caringly,
knowing that time with each other is precious.
Let each know when to speak with the Spirit,
or offer it up.

Show to them, through the years apart,
ans this short reunuion that:

It shall prove, as Christ has promised,
a haven of rest against life’s burdens.
In the sight of the world it shall render glory to Thee, O Father,
and to Thy Son, Jesus, until the day when,
through Him, we shall, together with all His members,
sing the Divine praises in the eternal ages to come.*


*all indented texts are excerpts of a prayer from Pope Pius XII.


Keeping in prayer


Makes my family seem tame. My heart-felt and very sincere prayers go out for you. Lean on us. We will be your strength. I’ve felt it for myself. Promise. We pray without ceasing…as instructed…and praying feels like the best way to use words.





Praying for you and thanking God for my family as well…:crossrc:


Dear Lord, I can’t stress enough the importance of Your presence in this family reunion. I beg You, O Lord, to make Your presence known to these family member, and draw all closer to each other, and You as well. In Jesus name we pray.


Thanks for all the prayers! You have no idea how much I will need them! God bless you all!:wink:


Praying for the family…


Praying, and will remember you in my Devotion to the Precious Blood


Ask the intercession of St. Therese of Lisieux.
She had many sisters and a parent with dementia. She sure knows what you will be going through!
May she pray for all of you and keep this family reunion full of harmony and love.


I’ll pray a rosary for you and your family right now. :signofcross:


Praying! :gopray2:


Praying. :gopray:


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