Prayers for Prayers.

I don’t think my wife prays much if at all, of course I do not know nor do I feel as if I could ask her this question especially as things are not too good at the moment.

I feel if she started to pray regularly than she would gain spiritual strength and maybe one day we could pray together.

So can I pray that my wife will start to pray? It’s not just my wife but I have a brother who left the faith a long time ago and feel it would help him too and would be a good stepping stone back into the church.

I know Satan is attacking our marriage a great deal and as much as I pray he keeps going and I feel sometimes that if my wife isn’t praying then she has no defence against him.

I never know, she may pray every night but it seems that the one thing we had in common, if everything else was lost, we are both practising Catholics.

Also, what is it about the Green Scapular and putting it under someone’s pillow?


Hi Nelka,

Certainly you can pray that your wife has a strong prayer life. I’m sure God would answer such a prayer quite willingly.

I would suggest, though, whether you know your wife prays on her own or not, to simply ask her if she would like to pray with you. She doesn’t have to have a strong prayer life before this. It may be that inviting her to pray with you is how God will answer your prayer that her prayer life is deepened. If she declines, that’s okay. But I wouldn’t ask just once. If you pray the rosary, for example, just say to her “I’m going to pray the rosary, would you like to join me?” Do this every day. Maybe one day she’ll say yes.

As for your brother, you can also pray for him. I would suggest, however, that you occasionally invite him to attend Mass with you. There doesn’t have to be any pressure. You can just say, “We’re heading to Mass at 11:00, would you like to come along?” If he declines, that’s okay. Just make the invitation, no pressure.

And regarding the green scapular. We are promised the grace of conversion if we place the green scapular around the neck, or hung in the person’s room, or placed under the pillow, or kept in a wallet, or placed in the person’s clothing, and the following prayer is prayed for that person daily:

“Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us, now and at the hour of our death.”

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