Prayers for pregnant wife and job


Please pray for my wife who is pregnant, and has low blood pressure. Also, for a job prospect in a place we would like to live.


You both have my prayers :gopray:


For your wife and your employment, we ask the intercession of St. Joseph.


Praying for your intentions.


Will keep your wife in prayer as well as a job prospect in a locality in which you would like to live…


Thank you all for your prayers. Unfortunately, my wife had a miscarriage last night :frowning: . Continued prayers for a job and the graces to get through this difficult time would be greatly appreciated.


I pray for the repose of the soul of your child. O Lord, please comfort this couple, and bless them with Your Holy Graces.


Will offer this up in my a.m. rosary


Praying for your intention.


Keeping you both in my prayers. :crossrc:


I am so sorry for your loss. You have my prayers!!:crossrc:


My deep condolonces to you and your wife and keeping you in prayer at this very very sad time…
:gopray: St Gerard pray for them


May God’s plan for both of you unfold and bring you happiness. Congratulations on the baby.


I will pray for you and your wife. God Bless You both.


Thank you again, everybody, for the prayers! My wife has returned to her former physical health; it was truly a miracle :), considering the inadequate medical treatment she received.

Please continue to pray about a job prospect in Ohio, and the perseverance/patience we currently lack to stay in our current location until we can move.

God Bless!


Wonderful news re your wife - rejoicing and giving thanks! Praying re the job and also that God will bless you with perseverance and patience…trust…


oh no…I’m sorry to hear this. :frowning: You are all in my prayers.


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