Prayers for religous life

What prayers can we say if we are attracted to consecrated life and perhaps want to involve the Lord more with our walk and interest in following religous or monastic life?

Sometimes when i sit alone in Church ,i grab the Worship book on the seat and pray the Religous consecration service in the book,i feel my soul responds well to this and feels good.

Or should i just pray short Vocation prayers?

A good vocation prayer is the Suscipe…

‘Receive, O Lord, all my liberty. Take my memory, my understanding, and my entire will. Whatsoever I have or hold, You have given me; I give it all back to You and surrender it wholly to be governed by your will. Give me only your love and your grace, and I am rich enough and ask for nothing more.’ - St. Ignatius of Loyola

The best prayers are those that pour from your heart and not from a page.
This is not to say that written prayers aren’t good, but prayers are not “incantations”. Prayers should be the speaking of your heart to our Lord. This is especially true if you are discerning a vocation.

Visit our Lord in the Tabernacle.
Speak to Him from your heart.
Sit quietly and listen for His voice in your heart.

And also - be alert to His voice throughout the day for He might speak to you at any time.

That said, a written prayer like the one above my St Ignatius are good if, when you read it, your heart cries out, YES Lord YES!!!


A very efficacious ejaculatory prayer in my life has been:

Lord, lead me to where I can serve you best.

Christ’s peace

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