Prayers for Saddam Hussein

Lets pray for the salvation of Saddam Hussain and his family.

We can pray for him to repent. I trust in Jesus.

Indeed. I’m praying.

not many people would think of praying for him… great idea!

We all do though - in the Hail Mary we say ‘pray for us sinners’ which includes him too.

Extra prayers though.

"more things are wrought by prayer than the world dreams of."
Yes, I pray for him too.

It would indeed be a great miracle if Saddam were to express true sorrow for the evil that he has brought to his people. May the Lord touch his heart and bring him to true repentance for his sins.

:slight_smile: great idea lets pray for the conversion of mr. bin laden and other terrorists too



I don’t really know what to think here, but I am asking that we all pray for Saddam Hussein. He is going to the gallows in under 48 hours, and in my opinion we should ask God to be merciful in His judgment of Hussein. I will be praying for his soul, what about you guys?

  • in prayer for the salvation of Saddam Hussein’s soul *

~~ the phoenix

Hmmm, no one else?

Yep. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

It sure won’t be me.

San Patricio

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. May God have mercy on his soul…

May the Lord have mercy on his soul.

And may the Lord have mercy on all those involved directly and indirectly in the execution.

I will pray for his soul.

I certainly will say a Rosary and a Divine Mercy Chaplet for the salvation of his soul.

Oh boy, I just looked at a Buddhist forum and all of them refuse to pray or say some mantras for Saddam, not that it would do any good, but it’s the thought that counts.

YI------------PE!!! Momma, hold my hand!!:eek:

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