Prayers for school


This is my last semester of my undergraduate degree and I graduate in May. I could use prayers for:

  1. Myself and all those graduating that we finish strong academically and otherwise;
  2. For me because I have a lot to do and am starting to feel really stressed out;
  3. For all graduates that we can find work and/or get in grad school or something (me in particular because jobs have not been forthcoming and I need them to be);
  4. For the Lord’s guidance on whether I should work first or go straight to grad school.

I will pray for you too!


God bless you for your generosity in praying and requesting prayers for others as well as for yourself.
May God hear and grant your prayers regarding the completion of your studies, and finding appropriate work quickly. God's kindest blessings to you. :)

...You may perhaps like to post your request in the Prayer Intentions forum?

Congratulations for your efforts and success in your studies!


They is still a strong demand for native English teachers here in Asia (South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, etc.). Experience or a teaching degree are not required. It's a great way to see the world, sit out the recession, and sock some money away for graduate school all at the same time. Most kids come over right out of college and stay for a couple of years. Living abroad, compared to just being a tourist, is an unforgettable experience.

Just something to consider...


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