Prayers for Shelley battling a serious drug addiction


Please pray for Shelley.

She is trying to battle a serious drug addiction on her own. She has attended the Mass (not a Catholic) this last couple of months with me and has found it very helpful to combat her temptations. She said the Mass brings her peace This week she is discerning entering a one year stay at a Catholic recovery home for women with addictions. I promised her I’d drive her on Saturday, for an enquiry meeting, if she feels up to it. After Mass today she said she wished she could go everyday. (Naturallly, I gave her the daily Mass times). She’s coming on this coming Wednesday night for a special Prayer Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Thank you, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ


praying for Shelley:gopray:


I will pray for Shelley and also for you to be her support.


I’ll be praying for Shelly to get through this battle. :gopray:




May Shelley come home to the Church. May she find there everything she needs to overcome her addiction. May she find all that she needs in You, Lord Jesus and not go seeking to fill that Jesus-shaped hole in her soul with drugs or anything else counterfeit.

Through Christ, Our Lord

Mary, Undoer of Knots; pray for her.


Iam praying for this lady to overcome her addiction. i pray that she finds peace and solace in her life and finds Christ Jesus. Addiction is hard to battle, i pray that she leans on Jesus and trusts in Him and overcomes this difficult battle so that she is free from her addiction and embraces Christ.


Prayers for your friends continued recovery - she has taken some baby steps - may she have the courage to continue this path to self love and grace.




Thank you and God Bless all who continue to pray for Shelley. I will keep you posted on her miraculous journey.

I give praise to God that He never forgets us, that He continues to welcome us into His Heart.

May He continue to strengthen us all on our journeys



Praying for Shelley.




Continued prayers for you and Shelley


Shelley is in my prayers.


Just came from the celebration of OLPH. As this is her feast day, I will do some knee time for her


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