Prayers for Sis and Family


I need to make a prayer request please. My sister and forever best friend began miscarrying her baby on Sunday. It was early on in the pregnancy but she is heartbroken nonetheless. Her and her husband already have two girls age 5 and 2, but this is her second miscarriage. She lost a baby in between the girls. Now this one too, not to mention the pain and betrayal from a “family doctor” who offered no help, no comfort, or even any concern. She was just told that she needed to "ride it out and deal with it since it wasnt like she was far along anyways . . . " GRRRRR I would just like to pop that doctor one in the nose!! At least this is finally enough encouragement to change doctors. So, any prayers or thoughts sent her way would be greatly appreciated. I love her and am worried about the pain I see in her eyes, but she is made of stronger stuff than she knows. God will help her through this!!!

Many thanks -


My prayers are with her and with her family. What a sad loss. And don’t be too hard on the ‘family’ doctor - we have gotten so cold-hearted about babies the attitude doesn’t surprise me.

I hope her doctor is not Catholic - that would make me cry.:crying:

You tell her there is someone in Modesto, California who is saying a decade of the Rosary for her RIGHT THIS MINUTE.


Thank you Leslie. As soon as I read your post I called her on the telly and told her what you said. It made her cry (which really and understandably doesn’t take much at this point) but she was touched and said to tell you THANKS!

Oh and the doctor is not a Catholic doctor, but a woman - whom I thought might have been a little more sypathetic to the situation. Like you said - society does not always have the respect for life that it should.


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