Prayers for sister-in-law... currently in labor with twins!


Please keep my brother and SIL in your prayers…
She is currently in labor with their twin boys at just over 36 weeks gestation. I highly expect them to be very tiny and need some time at the hospital… so keep those little boys in your prayers!

The boys names will be Patrick and Liam! :smiley:




All is well with the babies… they’re here!
Thanks for your prayers!


Great news Congratulation to all welcome little twins!:extrahappy:



I am praying for your brother and sis-in-law. God Bless these new lives!


Congrats!! :slight_smile: We have twins too. St. Thomas watch over them. Prayers up. Tim


God work your wonders on these new babies!!!


Praying for the twins and congratulations to the parents.


Great News! Congratulations to all…may the babies persevere in great health.
Deo Gratius


Prayers for the babies, and for the entire family.:signofcross:


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