Prayers for Students?

Several months ago I viewed the movie “Facing the Giants”. In the movie a man walks the halls of this Christian school on a regular basis, touching each locker, and praying for the students.

I’ve been looking for ways to serve God, and I’m feeling like this would be a great opportunity to serve Him…to pray for the students at my daughter’s school.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to a prayer, or how to pray for such a great number of children? I mean, I can’t recite a Hail Mary at 300+ lockers, and I really want to make it more personal concerning the spiritual and physical health of the kids.


I’m trying to figure this out also. My dh teaches at a high school and we have kids in school also, so I pray for a lot of kids!!! What I usually do (and FORGOT this year–thanks for reminding me!) is start the year by walking around the outside of the school and praying. I usually say a short extemporaneous prayer at various ‘stops’ – the playground (at the elementary), the ball field, the student parking area, the drop off area, etc. Then, for my children’s schools, I say a prayer inside the school (again I try to stop at various locations–cafeteria, gym, nurses office, my dc’s classrooms).
On a daily or almost daily basis, I devote my mid-day rosary to the students. If my dh has told me about a particularly troubled child, I’ll pray for them by name, but mostly it is just for them as a whole.
I love the idea of stopping by each locker! Maybe you can say something quickly like “Dear Jesus, watch over this child and bless him.” Or perhaps just say a regular rosary while walking through the school halls.
I am sure God will honor your intentions however they are presented! What a wonderful spiritual armour to give these children even though they will not realize it. God bless you for this thought!

Thanks Sally. That’s a wonderful, simple way to put it. I was getting way too complicated in my mind because it just didn’t seem like enough, but I’m hearing that song in my head right now that has something like, “If God’s in it,” a little is alot… something like that.

I go to my 7yo’s school on the first Thursday to help with computer class so I thought I would do it then. But then I thought, I wonder if the guys of our Rekindle the Fire group would each want to take a day, so that the kids would be prayed for everyday of the week.

Anyway, Thanks, and would you mind saying a prayer for Olivia (my 7yo) please? She’s having terrible separation anxiety from my dw, and sobbing at school everyday.

Thanks again!

Sure, I’ll be praying for her.

I simply walk around the two-block school and parish campus and pray the rosary, for every child and teacher in the school, the parish staff, and by extension the entire parish.

we also have prayer partners for Confirmation and Communion candidates, a dove or heart card with each child’s first name, and these are offered to those ailirng or elderly who receive home, hospital or nursing home visits, and most are eager to “adopt” a candidate to pray for regularly.

What wonderful ideas! Let me tell you what we recently did in our neighborhood:

We walked past every house and said a Hail Mary for the family living in each house to be protected from evil. As we walked, I sprinkled blessed/exorcised salt across every driveway. We burried a blessed/exorcised Miraculous Medal on every corner. And we hid a Green Scapular in the woods near our house.

Maybe you could adapt some of those ideas for use in praying for the students. You could also pray a certain prayer or chaplet every day or every week for the intention of the students in your area. St. Philomena was 13 when she died, and she is the Patron Saint of children and students taking exams! Or the Child Jesus could be a good Person to go to with this intention, too! :slight_smile:

I will pray that your daughter begins to enjoy school and not be upset to go there.

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