Prayers for success in choral competition


My younger daughter is preparing for a choral competition. This is her first opportunity to participate. Please keep her in your prayers that she will advance in the competition. She is very excited about this opportunity and has asked me to post a thread for prayers. Thank you in advance.



God bless her, and may she have a resounding success!
Soprano or alto?


Remembering your intention in my prayers.




I ask Jesus to be with your daughter in everything she does and that she will enjoy the best use of her talents.
God bless you!


my daughter is a soprano. she has been singing in our church choir since she was 9 years old. She is very faithful and helps out the children’s choir as well as singing in the adult choir.( God has truly blessed both of my daughters with beautiful voices.) My younger daughter hopes to progress in her singing just like her sister did. I pray she will not get sick during the time for auditions, as she also has to cheer for two upcoming varsity football games (Oct. 17th and 24th) and they are calling for some rather chilly weather here this Fri. night. i pray she stays healthy.
thank you all for your prayers and please continue praying . Auditions are Oct. 26th



Praying For Your Daughter Kate.
Grandma Glor


LORD Jesus
Help Ur Daughter


Hello Kate,
I am praying for your daughter and her upcoming competition. God bless.


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