Prayers for teenagers!


I would like to ask for prayers for two teenagers who are really into the things of darkness. They are not related to us, but are step-sisters to my niece and nephew. There behavior has already affected them. The girls names are Kristen and Ashley. I found a website, “myspace” that Kristen has a blog on it and read some of what she writes. It is so frightening that teens think this way. She mentioned how “cool” it would be to be a killer and kill someone. That was not enough. SHe wrote that it would be “ectasy” to watch a person die slowly or be tortured. This is so sick. I worry so much for my niece and nephew and after reading this, it worries me even so.:frowning: I think I need to continue to pray for these girls, but I do ask all of you for help. There were so many teens that believe in this and the sad thing is that the ones I read in the profile were all Catholic. With these girls, they are Catholic, but by name only and do not go weekly to Mass. Please pray for them and I pray that my niece and nephew will never get involved in their dealings with evil and the darkness. The girl thought evil was “fasinating.” This is the same girl who asked my 10 yr. old niece one time in Mass, who the man on the cross was.


Prayers going out for them…St. Michael, the archangel, defend us in battle…


Prayers to St Michael and St Monica (whose prayers brought about the conversion to Catholicism of her husband and son St Augustine of Hippo)


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