Prayers for the conjoined twins of a Byzantine Catholic priest

Separation surgery nears for 3-year-old 'little warriors’

Tatiana and Anastasia are the children of Father Alin Dogaru and his wife, Claudia. The Dogarus are from Romania originally, but Father is a priest of the Italo-Graeco-Albanian Byzantine Church (from the Eparchy of Lungro degli Italo-Albanesi, if I remember correctly).

Please remember these babies and the family in your prayers.

I understand that their story will appear on Good Morning America on Friday, March 30.


Thank you for providing this place to pray.

Through the prayers of the saintly sisters Mary and Martha the beloved friends of the Lord, the prayers of Saints Cosmas and Damian, Cyrus and John, and all the holy unmercenaries, through the prayers of St. Panteleimon the physician, through the prayers of the children’s patron saints Anastasia and Tatiana, through the prayers of Saint Sophia a mother with three daughters she watched suffer, through the prayers of the patron of children Saint Nicholas, and through the prayers of Saint Stylianos who concerned himself with the healing of afflicted children, may God grant these children the grace, health, and strength to successfully complete their treatment and to see each others’ faces. May he guide their physicians with precision, compassion, and skill. May he comfort their parents, bestowing upon them his great mercy and peace.

And may the Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary wrap these children in her mantle of protection, keeping them from all harm or ill.


The link that I offered above now requires registration because the article has been archived. The text and some photos can be read at ByzCath’s forum at Separation surgery nears for 3-year-old girls of Byz Cath priest


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