Prayers for the Conversion of Friends and Family



I have been following the “St. Monica, Please Pray for Us” thread for awhile. I am not married, but have been inspired by the support posters show for one another on that thread. I thought it would be nice to start a thread where we could pray for the conversion and reversion of our family and friends. We could also post prayers of encouragement here as well. It is nice to know that others are praying for our friends and family as well, and sometimes it is nice to pray for people by name.

Please pray for Nathan, that he may one day find his way to the Catholic Church. We are no longer in touch, but I pray for him every day. Please also pray for three of my close friends, as well as immediate family members, who have either left the Church, or are no longer practicing the faith.

Thank you.




Maria, I will most certaintly pray for your family and friends. :signofcross:


Maria, thank you for starting this thread. My family is in need of conversion/reversion. I will pray for all of your families.


I bring you a darling husband, two families full of protestants and a LOT of unbelieving friends! :thumbsup:

I will pray for you and yours and everyone who comes by here! :crossrc:

Thanks for starting this! God bless you! :heaven:


I add my prayers also.


Wow, this is great. I would like to hold up my mom and her brothers and sisters. Also my MIL and BIL and their family.

Also my cousin who is a lapsed Catholic, that he will find the truth and beauty of the church and surrender to God.


Thank you to everyone for taking the time to post. I will keep everyone and their families and friends in my prayers. And thank you for praying for my friends and family!

Sometimes I feel like the “lone Catholic” in my daily life and it is so nice to know I am not alone. Thank goodness for CAF!!




Maria–you have my prayers. Please pray for the conversion of my husband Jason. We are separated, and I pray for the conversion of my marriage as well–into a new beautiful creation based on God and the Church. My prayers for all who post here.


I will offer my rosary tonight for all of you and your requests!

I ask for prayers for the conversion of many family members. My parents are divorced and both remarried outside of the Church. They both still attend Mass, but I don’t know whether they fully practice the faith. Other than my immediate family (mom, dad, and brother), my family is mixed with non-practicing Catholic, Episcopal, and (I guess :shrug: ) non-denomination Christian.

I am also divorced now, and going through the annulment process. I ask that you pray for my ex-wife Cynthia, that she will someday come into full communion with the Church.

God Bless all of you :crossrc:


Thank you for your prayers Stich. I really appreciate it! I will pray for you too.




Thank you Mommyof4 for your post. I will keep your family in my prayers. Thank you for your continued prayers. I really appreciate it!




Dear Convert in 99,

Thank you for your prayers and for taking the time to post! I will keep your husband, family, and friends in my prayers! I pray we will be an example of Gods love to our family and friends, and if it is His will, that our friends will "Come Home" to the Catholic Church sooner rather than later! Of course, I know that is on Gods time.

I will also pray that all of us remain strong in our faith. When we don`t have the close community of a spouse, immediate family, or close friends to help support us in our faith, it can be a struggle!!

When I pray the rosary this weekend, I will pray for everyone on this thread.




Hi Mary Leigh,

Thank you so much for your prayers. I will keep Jason in my prayers as well. I will also pray that you and will be able to reconcile.

If he is open to it, maybe you could try going to the Retrovaille marriage retreat. ( I am pretty sure I mispelled that. Can anyone help me out?). I am not married yet, but I know it has helped many couples here at CAF. It is really beautiful the way you described what type of marriage you would like.

You are in my prayers! And thank you again for praying for my friends and family.






This is a wonderful thread! By coincidence, last night at my faith-sharing group, we were talking about this very topic, and each of us had family members who have left the Church.

Please add our prayers for our loved ones to your list; also, pray for my son and his fiance that they come back to the Church. My prayers are united with yours.

God Bless!


Prayers for this thread. If I can add my family and friends to the requests for prayers, I’d be most grateful.

Pax!! :signofcross:


Thank you very much!




I will keep your family in my prayers.




I wanted to shere this prayer to St. Monica.

Dear St. Monica,
Troubled wife and mother, many sorrows pierced your heart during your lifetime. Yet, you never despaired or lost faith. With confidence, persistence, and profound faith, you prayed daily for the conversion of your beloved husband, Patricius, and your beloved son, Augustine; your prayers were answered.

Grant me that same fortitude, patience, and trust in the Lord. Intercede for me, dear St. Monica, that God may favorably hear my plea for the conversion of our friends and family, and grant me the grace to accept his Will in all things, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever, and ever. Amen.




Thanks so much Maria! :slight_smile: You are in my prayers too. :crossrc:


Our prayers…and patience.

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