Prayers for the Military


As my son is leaving for basic training for the Marine Corps, I am looking for specific prayers that we may offer for him and for all of our brothers and sisters in the military. I have been told that there is one specifically for someone entering the military, but cannot find it. Any help?


Several years ago, the USCCB Committee on Divine Worship published several prayers for soldiers. You can find them here:


As a retired Army guy who sees wounded troops frequently, I pray for America’s fighting men and women constantly. It’s been a very humbling experience. I’m now hesitant to ask God to grant my specific prayers, after seeing young troops maimed by combat. How dare I ask, in light of their sacrifice and suffering?


I understand your hesitancy. My prayers may ask for something (and be assured I will ask for my son’s safety and success), however, I always include that I know that His will may not be mine, and if that is so, please grant all involved whatever grace necessary to accept our Father’s will. In more general terms, for all of our military, I always pray for their safety and well-being and beyond that whatever it might be that they need, as God knows and I don’t.

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