Prayers for the Poor


Hi everyone, as you know if you have read my previous posts, I work with the poor. Namely, I work in a low income middle school on the border of one of the city’s “war zones” with medicaid adolescents struggling through school in the midst of literally dead or incarcerated parents, gang threats and entices, living in 900 sq ft homes with two or three families & little food (why I make protein laced cookies in my spare time), etc. Most have one family parents working two jobs to put food on the table and keep their living arrangement usually in low income apartments (latch-key kids only no keys or obviously parental supervision).

Please, judmentalism aside regarding their parents’ behavior, lack of faith, morals, or the like (I have seen it on and off in these posts), our governor just cut the funds for rehabilitation of domestic violence perpetrators at a time that economics will increase that problem. He also cut all the funds that enable talented low income kids coming from this environment to go to the state colleges and make something of themselves (serious ramifications for the motivation of my “other children.” On the chopping block and yet to be seen are my job with the middle school kids, foster care services, and child protective services. (and of course hefty tax increases for us middle class but that’s another story).

So, I ask for prayers for them and I also ask that in your own community, you at least fill the food bins a little extra this year for your local poor as a means of making prayer concrete.

Thank you,


Oh, sorry everyone I used the infamous J word! It is rare I see it on these forums, especially family and spirituality. Other ones? Well…
Besides, for me to say the J word means I’m the one who is Judgmental. Shame on me. :frowning:
OK, back to the thread! :slight_smile:


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