Prayers for the Triumph of the Culture of Life


Please join in our prayers for the Triumph of the Culture of Life in the United States at the following site:

If you already pray the Rosary and/or Divine Mercy Chaplet daily, and include prayers for the unborn and other life intentions, please sign up.

If you DON’T already pray daily for life intentions, please start! Our country is in critical condition right now! 36+ years of abortion on demand, and 50+ million babies killed from surgical abortion alone. We are literally killing our future.


“Pillar of Truth” Thank you for the reminder. Been doing this, since early November 2008. And will continue, for as long as necessary

I’d just like to add a word of encouragement to everyone. Do not despair, in the Fight for Life. God does hear our prayers. :yup: :thumbsup: I have had this truth driven home to me, this year. After 30 years away from the Church… a close relative… a sibling, has returned to the Church and Sacraments. This has happened after years of praying and petitioning God; and through the prayers and sacrifices of many, many friends.

So please, do not become discouraged. Pray the Rosary for Life… EVERY day! God is listening… and watching. May His mercy and blessings shine on us all. :heart:


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