Prayers for the world please


Thanks for praying for Dan keep praying please.

Also remember to pray for the whole world the sick the Conversion of sinners and Souls in purgatory Thank you all.

God bless all


Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


Mercy for the suffering world

Heavenly Father, please send Your Holy Spirit amongst us for the healing and conversion of this world.

Father, please overcome the agendas of the humanists and leaders who seek systematically to eradicate the teachings and love of Jesus from our societies, replacing Christian festivals with pagan symbols, and banishing Him from public life and schools, from families and societies.

Defeat the lobbying that brings about laws that allow the destruction of multi-millions of your children in the intended safety of their mothers’ wombs. Please empower Your people to strive for the overturning of such laws; and all laws which sin against Your Commandments and gospel teaching.

Please inspire the people of this world with the sanctity of marriage, and unselfishness in relationship. Please eradicate the harm to perceptions of love as promote by all forms of media, as disposable when challenges wear off the gloss of initial attraction.

Father, have mercy on all sufferers in our world, all victims of natural disasters; victims of war; and victims of unjust distribution of wealth and resources.

Reach out through your people with practical kindness and support, to the hungry, to the poorly clad, to the homeless, to those without education, employment or self-respect, to the ill and the handicapped, and to all those in need.

Reach out with the voice, the example and the love of Your people, to feed the spiritually poor and lead them to Your Son, sharing with them the riches of faith, Sacrament, and eternal life.

Heavenly Father, please restore our conscience regarding this world’s resources, as excessive exploitation of natural resources has resulted in decline of animal species, climatic change and proliferation of natural disasters. These consequences threaten the welfare of our planet and its inhabitants.

Father, in Jesus’ name, please restore Your creation; and spread the gospel of Jesus throughout the world.

Father, grant that the Holy Spirit will renew this world.


Merciful God please have mercy on humankind as the growing power of anti-Christian morality and legislation assails us. Please send armies of Angels to attain victory for goodness and peace, to assist the innocent and the suffering, to suffrage, along with the Saints of Heaven, for the salvation of all humankind.

Our God, while acknowledging the horrors and sins of our time, we thank You for all valuable achievements and humanitarian efforts in medicine, research, law, and social services. Please preserve the good, whilst purging what is contrary to love and justice. Thank You for the love, generosity and heroism that glow forth from even from the most awful circumstances of our unsettled era. In these manifestations of goodness, You continue to reveal the presence of Your Holy Spirit who has remained with us in the goodness of all that is good.

Even in a period as gifted and sinful as this, You build our salvation around our scars and limitations as well as around our blessings and giftedness, as Saint Paul teaches. Although flawed, we are called to be persons of faith with active and prayerful commitment to others in their needs.

We ask pardon and healing for our unlove towards God, towards others, and to ourselves. Forgive our failures to succour others and pardon us where our poverty of faith and effort prevents the flow of blessings to others. Absolve and overcome sin or fallacy that retards the human and spiritual progress of anyone in our families and communities. Grant joy, peace and grace to everyone You desire to bless through us as You support our struggle to face each day with courage and devotion.

Give us optimism, empathy, prudence and generosity towards others. Confirm our faith that each person is Your loved child who is travelling by a personal path known to You. Unite us in heaven in beatific vision and love with all family and all known or unknown individuals whom You wish to serve through us.

Thank You, Spirit of God, who despite our foolishness and sins, remains with us through the centuries. Despite division and error, You continue to inspire and guide the Body of Christ. Lead humankind into awareness of ourselves as Your redeemed children and into universal acceptance of Jesus as our God. Restore humankind to its first image, recreating our world in wholeness and harmony. Out of present misery, please make a wonderful new creation of charity, wisdom, justice and peace. Universally establish Your Kingdom amongst us in this third millennium.

Look mercifully upon this troubled world, our God. Accept its enormous legacy of pain and loss, united with the exile, suffering and sacrifice of Your beloved Son, as reparation for sin and selfishness of so many persons in our age. Grant their salvation, and that of those whom they persecute. Lead us to love and support each other as a world family.

We plead for a better, more Christian age to come. “Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God,” in the achievements and the failures of this century and of the two millennia that have passed since Your incarnation and birth, “have mercy on us.


Hail Mary
Full of grace,
The Lord is with Thee
Blessed art Thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb
Holy Mary
Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners,
Now and at the hour of death,


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