Prayers for these TV guys doing an "expose" of Christ's life


I’ll admit I’m a History Channel junkie. Another “expose” about the life of Christ is on now, hosted by Simcha Jacobovici (the Naked Archeolgist who teamed up with James Cameron on the tomb of Jesus discovery). It makes me angry at times, but it also makes me sad for this man.

Heavenly Father, please keep Simcha and James in your care. Please help the archeological community to practice sound scienctific methods. Please help veiwers to exercise their rational minds when they see TV shows.




fcross: :gopray2: I will pray for them too. We need to pray and sacrifice for this world


Pray, yes. But stop watching the History Channel. It’s mashochistic!


I pray for the History Channel every time I see a show of religious flavor on their schedule. Praying for our enemies is imperative.


I feel sorry for him, and also the :hypno: who said the Holocaust never happened. :frowning:

Yes, prayers are needed.

But… I have seen some positive things on the history channel. :smiley:


Praying for them.

You’re right, there are some ok things on there but the religious shows are awful!


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