Prayers for those struggling with impurity and/or pornography addiction


Please, pray for all the people struggling with this issues. May God’s love touch all of the people having these problems and let him show to all of us the wonderful meaning of chaste life! Let us pray for all those people being addicted to porn, masturbation and impure thoughts/deeds.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you may show to all these people your great gift of sexuality, your love and joy that comes from pure and chaste life

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What a GREAT idea for a prayer intention Zemi! :thumbsup:

I struggle with impure thoughts. I will pray for others who suffer from these and all temptations/sins against impurity. :slight_smile:


Oh…and a quick prayer I say for purity of myself and others is:

Jesus, please help all souls to remain pure and chaste in thought, word, and deed until marriage, and within their marriage. AMEN.

It is short, sweet and to the point! :thumbsup:


Thank you very much for joining in Convert! :slight_smile:


I too have at times some bad thoughts. I’ll be praying for these intentions also today:

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I’ve struggled with this many times in the past, particularly during my teens and early 20s. I’ll join in pray.


Lots and lots and lots of people struggling with these sins. Prayers to all :crossrc:


Thank you all!!



Agreed - let us treat all people, including ourselves, with dignity and respect due to God’s creation. With dignity and respect comes a clearer path for thought and prayer and those impure and unchaste ideas have no place there.


this is an excellent prayer intention as ateenager i know whats its like to struggle with tempteiona nd putiry.

heres the prayer that i use

“oh lord , give me the strength and fatih to resist sin and temptation”


Thank you, passivesquid, for joining in the prayers! :slight_smile:


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Prayers going out!


They are in my prayers.


Praying also today.


I also pray for the youth, that they may resist all kinds of evil temptations.


Very cool. Can we also add the children of the people that struggle with burden.




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