Prayers for trapped miners in Utah

Please say a prayer with me for the miners trapped in the mine cave-in today in Utah…

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I believe St. Anne is the patron saint of miners.

St. Anne, patron of miners, please protect these children of God as they await rescue. Please comfort them in their time of need. Amen.


Dear Saint Anne, please pray these miners are delivered from harm.

Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

Praying …

~~ the phoenix

For them, their rescuers, and their families - Joe

Praying for these miners…

Praying for the miners. :gopray:

This disaster is in our local news too in South Australia and keeping these miners and their rescuers, families and friends in prayer…
St. Rita please pray for them

Watch over and protect the trapped miners. Send your holy spirit to grant them serenity and peace, and the assurance that they are under your care.



Heard on tonight’s news that the rescue attempts have to be put off for three days as there have been more earth tremors. It is claimed that the tremors are caused by the walls of the mine collpsing but the owners dispute this. It is not know whether these miners are alive or not.
Continuing to keep them and the rescuers in prayer…


Praying for the miners and their families.


Praying for the miners, their families and the rescuers…:gopray:


Praying for these miners, and their families.
:gopray2: :signofcross: :nun1:



:signofcross: Praying for them and all involved

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