Prayers for troubled mom and son

Please pray for the intentions of a mother struggling help her adult son deal with grave problems in his life, problems apparently of his own making. The mother has requested prayers. Son is adult, no job, no visible means of support, hangs out with derelicts, homeless undesireables, even political rebels, and he seems to have some leadership role. They seem to have come under the influence of some bizarre cult, don’t believe in owning property, mooch off friends instead. Apparently they have persuaded a group of women, girls from good families and some from the streets, also some older women infatuated wth younger men who support them, feed them etc. He claims to have supernatural powers, even over demons, and their co-religionists have condemned his activities. He is always getting in trouble with the authorities, and there is talk of a warrant out for his arrest. they have all kind of weird practices about food and drink, against everything his family has taught him. Now he is into mutilation and body piercing as some sort of religious expression, he says. He is ranting and raving in ways that sound suicidal, about having to die and leave this world. His mother is at a loss to understand what he is going through, and why. She wants to show her support for him, but family pressure is intensifying. Please join your prayers with those of this mother, a good woman who wants the best for her Son.

May God help this mother and son. This is not an uncommon story. Many parents are trying to cope with problem adult children. Many adult children have come back home after failed marriages ETC. From the cases that I have personally seen and heard of, the common theme is a lack of God in the lives of these adult children. Often the parents have very strong faith and brought these kids up to love God, but they got lost after leaving home. My own family has not escaped this difficult cross.

God bless,
Deacon Tony SFO

Yup:yup: , you said it right Deacon Tony, “lack of God in their lives”. I have two adult step sons who don’t practice their Catholic faith or anything else except self gratification. They do not live in my house. They both sponge off of their grandparents and father and girlfriends for anything and everything. I personally don’t take too kindly to these “bums”. The oldest is 23 yr old, who has been coming over almost daily to take a bath since his gas was cut off more than 2 months ago, has now been evicted. The younger, 18 yr old, cannot seem to find the “right” job. He was fired last November from a local chain grocery store for stealing cigarettes and alcohol.

You describe my ex-husband. But add porn addiction to that as well.

Man - oh man the devil has his fun at our expense.

May we pray for these lost souls that God find a way into their hearts and open them up to the truth and His love.

Cover all of these souls with the Divine Mercy Chaplet!

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle!

I will certinally pray.
Can you pray for my family, too, they still act like I am doing all that evil business when all I am doing is being a better Catholic. (they think Church belongs on Sundays…uGGGGG…and as long as you follow some system of morals you will be ok, and holydays are optional except for christmas eve)
Its been over a year now and they still say that Daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, youth groups, Bible reading and the Rosary are a complete waste of time…I don’t brag or anything, and half the time when they ask me what I am doing I will say studying, if I am studying the bible, or going out if I am going to church because I know they will get all upset if I say that I am reading the bible or going to church…im at a loss especally since I am at my University now…my parents told me they had hoped I would stop all this funny business by now…it really bothers me…

thanks to all those who responded, I have troubles with my own grown son, and this woman has been with me through it all. Like her, I need someone to pray with me, not advice on how to “fix” my son, or analysis on how I went wrong raising him. Her favorite prayer is the rosary, so that is how we pray together.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Dear Blessed Mother,

Please hear and intercede for the intentions of puzzleannie.

Here are three links for her and for anyone who reads this post.

24/7 online Daily Mass

24/7 online Rosary in real time with all the world. Intentions may be posted. Intentions of others from around the world are posted, too, for prayers.

As You know, this song is called “Breath of Heaven” sung by Amy Grant with that beautiful and stirring video. I hope to share it with puzzleannie and all others interested.

Before sleep, I’ll meet You in the following decades of the Luminous Mysteries. Please thank Saint Pope John Paul 2 for instituting these great mysteries about Your Son’s life.

The Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist
Jesus’ First Miracle at the Wedding of Cana (Thanks for encouraging Him, dear Mary.)
The Proclamation (Sermon on the Mount)
The Transfiguration (Jesus told Peter & James that what happens on the mountain, stays on the mountain … until further notice.)
The Institution of the Eucharist (Even after thousands of years, we can unite with Him in Body & Spirit anywhere around the world. Please thank Him again, for this awesome gift.)

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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