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I have never turned to God before with help in weight loss. I guess I just felt it was a petty request.
Well now I feel that I am at the point in my life where I need to do it for health. I need to lose about 20 pounds and am struggling with this. I admit I don’t have healthy eating habits. I will choose chips over carrots anyday.
I also want my daughter to learn healthy eating habit and realize I need to be a role model for her.
Any special prayers for weight loss? I need strength to help me pick healthy foods and control portions.
I am not clear on the sin of gluttoney. Is it mortal sin?


from a classic guide for monastics, which applies to everyone’s spiritual growth, Thoughts Matter by Margaret Funk OSB. Thoughts afflict the body through food, sex and things. this affliction disturbs our spiritual growth and closeness to God when the move beyond use as the Creator intended.

the food thought in Christianity is governed by Christ’s directives to feast at appropriate times, and to fast at other appropriate times. No foods are ruled out, what comes out of the mouth is more important than what goes in. Christians are not bound by laws that oppress the spirit of receiving all that comes from God graciously and using it in a sprit of thanksgiving.

food becomes an affliction when the thought moves beyond thanksgiving for God’s gifts and use of the gift as intended, for the health and mainenance of the body, so that the body can serve the needs of the spirit. When food becomes a passion, ruling our mind and senses, it becomes affliction.

the food thought is governed and tamed by attention
hunger and thirst for food awaken us to hunger and thirst for things of the spirit.
Pay attention to the time to eat the food, the quality of the food and then the quantity. Fasting (or dieting) is paying attention to each of those aspects. The 4th consideration is motivation. gluttony is indiscriminate eating and drinking for immediate sense gratification. Fasting is eating mindfully with full attention (not necessarily abstinence from food).

what does it have to do with spiritual life?
If I can redirect my thoughts on food and sustain right eating, then “a rhythm in my life emerges that makes me fit for more difficult work.”

Fasting (or dieting as the culture calls it) is not avoidance of food or a type of food, but balanced eating at designated times of quality food provided for us by the Creator, in healthy amounts. Moderation is a good sign and extremes are avoided as having their roots in pride.

every classic elimination diet or induction phase of any diet accustoms us to very limited fare, so that we educate ourselves in knowing what our body needs, and what causes harm (allergies etc.)


I would suggest not dieting, instead you can choose to fast for one meal a week, one day a week, one day a month or whatever.

Pray that your fast will be united with the suffering of Christ on the cross for the benefit of someone you love. Pray that thru your act they would receive the grace they need in their life and that thru your fasting you can bear a portion of their burden.

I offer this suggestion assuming you do not have any health problems that would preclude this.

By focusing on another person, you may be able to do what you cannot for yourself. The greater temptation to eat, the greater the sacrifice, and therefore the greater the merits and grace that you will enable.

You will find that this act of fasting will permeate your life and make all the smaller decisions on eating better so much easier.


i struggled with food adiction my whole life. i worked the 12 steps into my faith life and also went to healing masses to be prayed on. i got to the root of why i overate which was much more important. once that was healed i was able to eat normally for the first time in my life. i was also blessed with a DH that eats to live rather than lives to eat and is a constant reminder for me on good food choices. like any sin it is a matter of surrender to Christ. i still get tempted but it doesn’t have control over me like it did before


Try looking into:

Our Lady’s Weigh, at Yahoo Groups

Dawn, the lady who runs this is very helpful and supportive (as are the members) and she can guide you to any prayers that are appropriate for weight loss.


Light Weigh


Fasting increases the effectiveness of prayer. In your case, it will have an even more direct impact.


I pray that you find the strength and will power to eat healthy. 20 lbs doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal however, I understand the struggle. You do need to eat healthy for your daughter. Try to show her good eating habits and exercise are essential for a healthy life. I also think you should try to show her that not everyone has the same body type. I think the happier you seem with yours, the happier she will be with hers. Show her that what the scale says has nothing to do with being healthy.

While I do not have a problem with weight, I do obcess over a few pounds. I do not want my daughter to grow up feeling like her body is not good enough if she doesn’t look just like Suzie Q. I do not eat healthy. Chocolate and coffee are food groups for me. I realize I need to change to be a good role model for my daughter. I want my daughter to have more self esteem than I do.

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