Prayers I never thought I would pray...add your own too!


Dear God,

Please allow my 2 year old son to stop licking the kitchen floor, or at least wait until I wash it.

Please help me to remember to move the kid’s trains from the top of the stairs…for obvious reasons.

Please help me to put in a new roll of toilet paper before I go to bed so I am not “stuck” at 2AM.

Please help not to drop my stack of mail in the snow slush again tomorrow.

Please provide some adult conversation so I don’t have “The Wiggles” theme song in my head for the majority of the day.

Please help my daughter learn that cleaning her room does not consist of throwing items behind furniture.

Please guide family members that slushy boots should not be thrown on my good black pumps.

Please help me to remember not to leave my glasses anywhere near a tube of petroleum jelly with children around.

If all else fails, please grace me with patience, love, understanding and great fortitude.



Please help me from screaming like a banshee while driving my kids to CCD.


O Lord, please help me not scream and wake up my husband when he forgets to put down the toilet seat!


These are some of the prayers I’ve prayed in the last two weeks

Lord, please help my van to get out of the driveway…please don’t let the tow truck take too long…please help the tow truck not to get stuck pulling the van out…please restore feeling in my fingers and toes

Lord, please help me find the plunger in this house…please bring my husband home from out of town…please don’t let it be the duplo like they say it is…please push that duplo through the pipes…please let new toilets go on sale.

Lord, please let the little boys be okay with the 13 year old while I run this errand…Lord, let this call not be an emergency…Lord, keep me from killing my 10 year old for throwing a broom through the front window.

Did I mention this was all on one day?


I have no problem believing that.:slight_smile:


Please allow my 2 year old son to stop licking the kitchen floor, or at least wait until I wash it.

:stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for the laugh.



Oh God, please help us cope with the financial worries now that my husband will be getting laid off work after serving his company for 16 years. And please make this migraine headache go away fast. :frowning: Amen.


I’ve prayed like that, too.


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