Prayers much appreciated: trials around every turn


My Wife and I would appreciate any prayers as we are going through some trials and tribulations at this time. We have been under attack financially, we have had problems with our home as far as things breaking one after another, (pipes bursting, porch caving in, furnace breaking, leaks ect.) problems at the workplace as well dispite our good efforts(getting passed up ect.) health problems ect. We understand that we have our crosses to carry as Catholic Christians, but some prayers for some temporary relief would be much appreciated as I said these things have happened one after another without any breaks.

Peace Be With You!


Have you have your house blessed?

Even if you have, ask a priest to do it again. Get him to bless a large quantity of salt and water and use those sacramentals to place your home under protection.

Also, pray for your enemies and bless them that might wish ill upon you and your family. People may just hate to see your example of holiness and fidelity to the Church, even though they smile to your face.

"…if there are blocks in your life, they may have been placed there by the jealousy, or animosity, of others. "

Also, don’t underestimate the power of Fasting. Pope Benedict has called it a weapon. And, as Jesus told the Twelve, some demons “… can only come out through prayer and fasting.’”


thanks for the response i need to get better at fasting for sure. i’m starting to feel alot of anxiety at this time. i keep on praying through it all but its getting very stressful and i ask God for some relief but that is few and far between.


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