Prayers Needed, but for what?


Dear Friends

I ask for your prayers, but I am not certain for what. I am feeling very, very down -- sure, some of it is the long, cold, snowy winter --- but I feel out of place. I try to pray each day, and offer each day up to Jesus, but I feel as though I am just struggling through each day, not living.

This summer I was laid off from my job of 11 years with the Catholic church due to budget cuts. I LOVED that job, I felt fulfilled, doing something for God's good, and in an environment that I truly felt connected to and supported deep in my heart.

At my age (mid 50's), trying to find a decent job to support my wife and 4 kids was difficult. However God did guide me a to a job, totally different, this Fall. My salary is much lower, my benefits not nearly as good, little insurance, and it is for an organization that is so different, it is hard to support something so secular and so opposite my career with the Church that each day is so hard to get through.

Don't misunderstand my disappointment with a lack of gratitude. I am SO thankful that God gave me a job to help us survive, but that is all I feel I am doing, surviving.

It has been nearly 10 months since I found out about my layoff --- it still hurts me a lot. It has placed stress on my family, and certainly my marriage. I cannot imagine that this is what God wants for me. Please prayer for me and all who suffer. Lord, let me know what it is I need to pray for and to do.

I pray for each of you and offer you my deepest thanks.



May the Lord give you wisdom to see and accomplish His will for you and may you see His hand of provision over you…May He use you mightily to bring His light to dark places…peace to you…k


Dear Lord please help our friend in his time of need.Grant him
strength and wisdom to seek the path that is right for him and his

Prayer for the Help of the Holy Spirit
O God, send forth your Holy Spirit into my heart that I may perceive, into my mind that I may remember, and into my soul that I may meditate. Inspire me to speak with piety, holiness, tenderness and mercy. Teach, guide and direct my thoughts and senses from beginning to end. May your grace ever help and correct me, and may I be strengthened now with wisdom from on high, for the sake of your infinite mercy. Amen.

Saint Anthony of Padua


Lord please help Bruce to find unexpected good in his new employment. Help him somehow to be a witness for good by his example.
And please give his family and his own heart and mind, deep healing and peace.


Jesus please help Bruce and his family through their difficulties

Lord Jesus Christ look upon us with love and compassion
as we come to honor Your Sacred Heart.
Help us to make it loved and known by all.
Fill our lives with Your blessings.
Lord Jesus, look upon those who come before You.
Heart of Jesus, hear and answer our prayers.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me!
Sacred Heart of Jesus, hear and answer my prayers!
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.


Praying for you to find work and for Jesus to heal you of your depression …

Hail Mary,
full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


Praying hard for you and your family, Bruce.


Divine Mercy
Eternal God,
in whom mercy is endless
and the treasury of compassion
- inexhaustible,
look kindly upon us
and increase Your mercy in us,
that in difficult moments
we might not despair
nor become despondent,
but with great confidence
submit ourselves to Your holy will,
which is Love and Mercy itself.



Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus please help Bruce to find unexpected good in his new employment. Help him to be a witness for good by his example.
Please give his family and his own heart and mind, deep healing and peace.
Thank You Father.


Prayer in Time of Suffering
Behold me, my beloved Jesus,
weighed down under the burden of my trials and sufferings,
I cast myself at Your feet,
that You may renew my strength and my courage,
while I rest here in Your Presence.
Permit me to lay down my cross in Your Sacred Heart,
for only Your infinite goodness can sustain me;
only Your love can help me bear my cross;
only Your powerful hand can lighten its weight.
O Divine King, Jesus,
whose heart is so compassionate to the afflicted,
I wish to live in You;
suffer and die in You.
During my life be to me my model and my support;
At the hour of my death,
be my hope and my refuge.



My prayer are with you and your family, may the Lord guide you to the destination He has set for you.:gopray:


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