Prayers Needed Desperately

I am a 35-year-old woman with an extreme fear of death and doubt of God’s mercy. I always think I am dying and God is going to punish me. I conquer one “ailment” I believe I have and then it is replaced by persistent fear of another. I am taking medication for obsessive-compulsive disorder and have seen a therapist regularly, but nothing seems to work. Priests don’t help either. I need advice :frowning:

I have prayed for you. I have no advice for you, as I do not know you or your situation, except to say that God is more merciful than we can imagine, and please try to believe that. He is not an Ogre in the sky waiting to punish us. He loves us immensely. Perhaps it would help if you Would pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Praying for you.

I will keep you in prayer. I have a neighbor who struggles with the same ailments as you. Not an easy cross to suffer. But you can try what a priest suggested to me a few months ago. I was going through alot of spiritual warfare when my dad passed away. He said we have spirits that protect our wounds so that we cannot have true freedom of spirit to do the will of God. He suggested that everytime a spirit tells you a lie to bind it up in the name of the shed blood of Jesus and think of the opposite virtue and repeat for the Glory of God, The glory of the Son and Glory of the Holy Spirit to be healed of this spirit.
I was suffering from wounds of thoughts of being unlovable, or say shame, doubt, etc. Since father prayed on me for deliverance of the spirits I have felt a whole new freedom of spirit that they have no power over me. I believe that there may also be some spiritual warfare prayers for these symptoms you talk about on or org I am not sure which.
I pray Father God, to help this poor suffering child of yours in the name of Jesus Christ your son and our Lord. Please send your Holy Spirit of peace, love, and joy in your presence and total and complete healing of all those spirits that are binding her, that she may be loosed from them. In Jesus precious name we pray.


I will pray for you.May I quote from the Chaplet of Devine Mercy in song:The ones who least deserve mercy has the most "right to ask for mercy.Our Heavenly Father Loves You.

I’m praying for you too. I really felt for you when I read you post. Sometimes people don’t understand when an illness can’t be seen but God can see and He does understand. I’m praying that He will free you from your fears.

May our heavenly Father surround you in your suffering, and may you - one day - rejoice in his awesome mercy.

Praying for you, goretti72. You will be included in my next Divine Mercy Chaplet.

~~ the phoenix

My now ex husband was told at the outset of my illness (Bipolar Disorder) that I would be “a cotcase for the rest of her life”. That was 35 years ago. I am now an APlus student on an Adult Campus and certainly no cotcase. Persevere in prayer and asking God to cure you/allow you to live a normal happy life and never ever give up…and trust Him always in the meantime that He does indeed know what is best for you at every time and place and effects it. While still suffering yourself strive to minimize the effects on others - and for the love of God, uniting yourself to the Passion of Christ…These and persistent prayer would be my advice - they led me to where I am now and although still on medication (probably for life)my life is as normal and happy as any and I am a successful student. In fact in 2004 I was awarded Outstanding Student…and my doctors cannot quite believe it all! And do continue to pray that God will give you a spiritual guide who is empathic, understanding and helpful… it took me over 20 years but God has now given me (for some years now) a wonderful nun and ex novice mistress as my director…St. Rita of Cascia was an outstanding wife, mother and religious and is the patron of desperate/impossible causes and my own patron for all my intentions for others…
I will keep you daily in my own prayers…
St. Rita of Cascia pray for her

Praying. :gopray:

You are in my prayers.:byzsoc::byzsoc::byzsoc:

Your prayers are working. Thank you. :slight_smile:
With panic disorder, my attacks and fears will always arise. But, I will continue to draw on the kind words and quotes you provided that help me know that our Lord is on my side.

I will pray that God dispels your fear of death, that He might comfort you and show you that there is nothing to fear of death. He will be with you always, as your strength and guidance.

May the Infant of Prague hold you close. I send my prayers to you.

Hi, Look into St. Faustina’s life and the Divine Mercy Chaplet and maybe prepare for the indulgence for Divine Mercy sunday. This has helped me alot when it comes to doubt. He wants you to trust His mercy. We are drops in an ocean of Gods mercy, but we have to accept it. Listen to the Priest’s, even if it seems shallow or silly. Pray the Lord speaks to you through them and be obedient. Doors will open, just knock. Prayers out, Tim

Praying for you, ask the Lord to give you more faith and more trust.:knight1: :signofcross: :crossrc: :knight1:

I have a relative who has had OCD for the past 14 years and has been taking medication (Paxil) for it. He leads a fairly normal life but occasionally struggles with it. I’m not competent to offer you any advice but will keep you in my prayers. Hang in there God loves you.

prayer said

:crossrc: I am not to sure what to say to you. The best advice that I can give is not to give in to all of those thoughts of death. We all have a time to go, but if we all dwell on that we all would not have a life. You have to enjoy life! Try to keep yourself busy, so your mind doesn’t drift and start thinking about that. My mom started to have anxiety like 8 yrs ago. She is not the type medication. She will take her meds when she really felt that she was going to loose it. Now she keeps her meds in her purse, but doesn’t take them daily only on an emergnacy. She controls herself by prayer. My mom prays a lot! She feels that anxiety, and some mental illness are mind games. You have to take control! I hope this helps. I will pray for you. :crossrc:

God Bless,


:harp: :knight2:

You are in my prayers…

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