Prayers Needed for Class I'm Teaching

Tomorrow I am going to be teaching a class on the Biblical/theological roots of Baptism. I could DEFINITELY use some prayers that the Holy Spirit will guide me and that those attending would be touched by the Holy Spirit as well!

Thank you all,


ps - I will post an update of how things went either tomorrow after the class or Monday morning.

Praying Nick!

You got it!

we’re praying!!!

count me in !!

good luck. If people are attending your class aren’t they already trying to get closer to God? By people showing up you already succeded.

Well, I’m back from teaching the class. Didn’t go anywhere near as expected! The only people there were people whose house we were meeting at. Gave my talk to mom, dad, and their 9 yr old daughter. It was still good though. We covered quite a bit of material and I know some of it was new and interesting stuff to them. Could have actually been a blessing in disguise since I was so nervous and this was my first one. Maybe this was a good warm up for my other classes on the sacraments…

Good luck on your next class. I’m sure you will do a wonderful job!

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