Prayers needed for emergency medical care today


I’m going to an emergency doctor’s appointment. I’ve had this problem one other time. I have blood in my urine again. Most likely a kidney stone/UTI combo like I had last winter, but prayers that if it’s more serious (like something wrong with my kidneys) that they find it. Prayers for wisdom and attentiveness to details for the doctors and lab techs. And also for the strength in body, mind and soul for me to get through a very long and painful today and possibly longer.

Thanks so much!


Praying for you.


Prayers to you! God Bless.


God in your mercy see that swift healing be brought to LovingHim’s body, both physically and spiritually. Accept LovingHim’s suffering in union with Your cross and hear all prayers made from there. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :gopray2:


Praying for you and to find comfort…


Turns out it was what we thought. A UTI/Bladder Infection gone haywire. So, praise God for prayers answered and that it was nothing more serious than that! Thanks so much to you all! :slight_smile:


***† JMJTJ †

Praise God!***
**Continuing in prayer for your complete healing.

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen

***God bless you † ***



Jesus please care for the health and well-being of this person who loves You


LORD Jesus
Heal Ur Son


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