Prayers needed for financial difficulties


Please remember us in your prayers. We are having such a hard time paying our bills due to unexpected medical bills and slow income for DH (he’s paid on commission).

All of our bills are at least a month behind and the stress is getting to me. I’ve been praying like CRAZY because this situation just seems so hopeless.

Well, DH just called me and he may be up for a management position that would put him on a salary+ potentially more $$…

Please pray that this comes through.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


My prayers for you.

Going through a slightly lean patch myself, so I’ll ask for prayers for the same cause :yup:


I pray that God will take care of all of your material needs…He is a God of abundance…He will provide. I will pray for you tonight during the Chaplet.:gopray: (The devil likes when we worry–remember what Jesus told Matthew…what good will worrying do for you? Seek the kingdom of God first, and all of these things will be added unto you.)

Seek and you shall find. Keep praying…and God will provide. I just know it!


I’ll pray for your family tonight… altough I fear my family also needs a lot of prayer due to the same problem.


You’re in my prayers, too Hugo:hug3:


:knight1: :signofcross: **Praying for you and your husband **:gopray2: :knight1:


St. Rita of Cascia, patron of desperate causes, please keep this situation in prayer …


Sadly, I think so many hard-working people are in the same boat. :frowning: Times are really tough with the cost of living skyrocketing.

You will be in my prayers also. I like to keep reminding myself when I’m feeling anxious about the bills that once I get to Heaven, I won’t have to worry about the mortgage anymore! It really puts things in perspective. :thumbsup:

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers.


Praying for your intentions…




I pray that you soon are granted relief from this struggle.


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner, and on my friend’s request…



Praying for you and your husband. :gopray:




Praying for you that everything goes well.




Sweet Mother above, please help this earthly mother through these rough times.


I have the similar problem with bills, but also I have little patience for the banks and their overdraft/processing fees, as well as the high interest that the law allows them to take from us. As I said I’ve run into a little financial difficulty which prevented me from seeing a dearly missed friend…but for God’s will…as I had to take care of the responsibility at home. I’m writing this because yesterday it culuminated with a bout with the bank over an issue. But these things have always existed and can’t depend on the “good will” of the financial institutions, rather we are taught to love our enemies and be good to those who are unfair to us. Well, that’s what I’m planning to do , for whatever it’s worth. So next time the “bank” overcharges you unfairly, call them up and ask them if there’s anything more that they want from you :wink: I’m teasing , of course…but it also says that generosity towards your enemies is like heaping coals on their head . ( paraphrased) Anyway I’m in the same boat as everyone here and I too need prayer, for the pressure is getting to me.
God bless you and may He grant you solace in this time need .


I hear ya about the banks. They are just unbearable to work with sometimes. I was just saying in my other thread that we got 2 months behind on our mortgage due to unexpected medical bills and slow income in the spring. The bank would NOT give us a break. We asked if they could split the past due amount over several payments or tack it on the end of the loan (some banks will do that). Nope. The only thing they would do is take two automatic withdrawals out of our account two weeks apart. What good does that do us? :mad: Honestly, with banks being that unflexible, it really makes me have a hard time feeling bad when they have problems with foreclosures. People hit financial hard spots. Especially in these times. And sometimes it’s the banks ridiculous policies that push people over the edge into foreclosure.

Last year, my BIL hit a tough spot when his business went under due to the housing market issues. His house was about to go into foreclosure but he found a buyer just in time. He found out at closing that the bank wanted ALL of his past due paid at the time of closing. It was a lot of $$. Thank God he was able to borrow the cash from somebody he knew. If he hadn’t been able to borrow that $$, his house would have gone into foreclosure and I would NOT have felt bad at all for that bank. :mad:

Hang in there. You’ll be in my prayers. Check out my thread on Thanksgiving. Prayer really does help. :wink:


Praying for you.

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