Prayers needed for local soup kitchen


Due to the sale of some property, our local soup kitchen is being forced to move to a new location. As of yet, they have not found a suitable location to set up business. The soup kitchen is serves many of our communities “poorest of the poor,” and they are is dire need of a new building.

Thank you, and God Bless


God will provide. Praying.




Don;t know if I have the correct place on the forum. Hope so. I am asking for prayers especially over the next couple of weeks. I have several health problems that require some immediate attention, one being my heart. It is serious and I am having a most diffilcult time just trying to arrange transportation to the various sites I must go to get this fixed. Please pray that the transportation issue will be resolved soon. I don’t know what else to do at this time. Thank you in advance and God’s Blessings to all. D


I’ll pray for you! God bless; let’s get St. Martin to hear about this one.

Aaron Magnan


Good idea. Thanks for prayers, everyone.:slight_smile:


Prayer for mommyof4 soup kitchen, and for dtatum’s health~


Prayers still needed for the soup kitchen! Thank you.

Soup kitchen still searching for new site
By Nicole Paseka Journal staff writer
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Employees of the Siouxland Community Soup Kitchen packed up food on Wednesday and donated some of it to the Sioux City Gospel Mission.

Soup kitchen officials learned they will have to vacate their current location at 600 West 7th St. by July 1. With a looming deadline, their future is uncertain.

“It’s time for action from the city or the county,” said Gordon Lebowich, president of the soup kitchen.

For years, the soup kitchen has rented its building from the Sioux City Salvation Army, an organization it is not affiliated with beyond the lease. The soup kitchen operates solely on donations and is not connected with the city government of Sioux City.


I am not one able to pray, since I am not a theist, but I dearly hope the kitchen shall find a place in the community. Poverty will always be with us, and we are none of us safe from that specter. It’s a harder time than ever to be at the bottom right now, and if I could pray, I would, but my caring and acts must suffice to pay my debt to humanity, whom have given me so much joy.

What do they need?


They need a building to run their operation out of. Due to the sale of the building, they are being evicted as of July 1st.


Soup kitchen - May compassion and grace from the whole community be shown to all and assistance from a loving God so that these poor know that they are cared for and loved.

Health issues from other thread - we pray for your healing and recovery soon. God Bless.




I will pray for these intentions mommyof4.


Thank you for your prayers! Our soup kitchen now has a new, viable location! :slight_smile:


Praying for all




Thank you to all who have prayed for this intention - the prayers worked! I found out somthing interesting about this today. The man who bought the building for the soup kitchen to move to is a non-practising Catholic. Someone asked him why he bought a building for the soup kitchen, and his reply was “I can’t stand the thought of someone going hungry.” Please pray that this man, who was kind and generous to our cities poor, will be moved to begin practising his faith again.




I will pray for the gentleman who owns the building where your soup kitchen operates. One of the first things I did when I returned to the Catholic faith was volunteering at a meal for the poor that is held at a local Methodist church. I have been doing this every month now, for almost 7 years. This man clearly has been moved by God to do this good work. I will pray for him so he will be moved to take the next step and return to the Church.:gopray:


Prayer DOES work. So it will continue for this kind man to find his way home. I add prayers for the intercession from Our Lady of Good Counsel for enlightenment. And I will involve this request as I pray the Rosary. :signofcross:

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