Prayers needed for my dad's heart health


Hi all,

I am new to Catholic Answers Forums but someone suggested I start a new thread, asking for prayers for my father who has been ill for a few months. His name is Henry and he had a double bypass in December but is now experiencing problems associated with congestive heart failure. He was on the road to recovery as yesterday we talked rehab with his physician. Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worse last night and all his blood counts took a turn. He has a staph infection that is causing most of the problems so we need prayers warriors badly! Thank you in advance for your prayers.





Prayers for your dad.


Judy, your dad is certainly in my prayers. I sure hope they get the staph infection under control quickly. Keep us posted on how he’s coming along in his recovery. God bless.


Your father is in my prayers. I will pray for your intentions before the blessed Sacrament at Thursday adoration.


Thank you so much! Today was a bit better day as dad’s white blood count dropped (less infection) and he was more alert. We are now fighting some kidney problems as they are not filtering as they should, which creates more congestion around the lungs. Though progress has been made, as you can see, more are still needed and welcomed!

Thank you everyone!


Great! That must be a relief for you. I hope he continues to recover without any further setbacks. You both remain in my prayers!


For those with physical and spiritual maladies,
we pray to the Lord. :gopray:


Thank you all for your prayers. Dad’s white blood count dropped another point today, down to 12! We are still concerned about his renal function as it is looking like he my have to go on temporary dialysis. He still has fluid in his lungs, mainly left lung. Though he has a strong heart rate, we don’t know how strong his heart is as he has defibrillator/pacemaker and one physician says he has some problems there while his cardiologist says it is his kidneys. As you can imagine, it is a bit confusing and an ever so fragile balancing act between the organs. I never realized what complicated beings God created! However complicated though, I have faith that He can make everything function appropriately again!

Thank you all again and please, please, keep praying!


Judy, I’m going to try to get to First Friday and First Saturday worship this weekend. I’ll remember you and your dad in my prayer intentions!


Thank you so much!! Dad is stable however they had to begin dialysis to help his kidney function. He did well with the first dialysis and we were told that they pulled off seven pounds of fluid! My prayer is that this helps the rest of his organs function, along with making him more alert as one day he may be awake and somewhat coherent but the next we are unable to wake him.

Again, thank you and may God always bless you!




Judy ~ I went to mass this evening and remembered your dad in the general intercessions. I’ll continue to keep you both in my prayers.


Thank you all for you prayers! Dad is doing well with dialysis (they got 18.5 lbs of fluid off him in three days!) however he is still making the doctors scratch their heads. His white blood count, indicating infection is going up and down. One day it is 12 and the next it is 15 and climbs to 17. It is now back down to 15 and will hopefully be lower tomorrow.

The cardiologist told us today that he doesn’t know why he isn’t more himself because all his numbers look good…heart rate, blood pressure, etc. The only thing going on is the infection and kidneys but that seems to be in check (somewhat). He told us to pray they either find what is keeping him lethargic or that what they are doing kicks in and starts working even better. That is my prayer request now…please pray that he responds as it seems like he should be responding or that they find the key to him getting better. I fear this limbo makes him weaker by the day.

Thank you all so much. This forum has helped my mental health regarding dad’s health!


May Henry’s ailments be treated by skilled doctors guided by His loving mercy. May the family be comforted at this time of difficulty. May fears and anxieties be turned to consolation and support. We pray for a speedy recovery and a road to good health.


I’m still praying for your dad, I hope he’s doing better now.


Thank you so much, BeeSweet! He is doing better! His white blood count is within normal range and his lungs are clear or getting clear. He is currently on dialysis though because his kidneys are not functioning. The doctors hope they will come back and this is due to the trauma but at this point, we just wait and see. He is not sleeping well either which, after two nights, tends to disorient him quite a bit. After we get him to sleep, he is fine but he fights it and wants to go home. It’s tough when he looks at me and says “you have your car, take me home”. :frowning: But, like I said, he sleeps and then he is fine! Anyway, again, thank you so much!! We know that prayer and skilled doctors, guided by God, have gotten us this far!


My prayers are for your dad and for you.

God Bless.


St. Camillus de Lellis, patron of the sick, pray for this lady’s father…that he may experience a great expiation of sickness through the Fire of the Holy Spirit. May he be at peace. Pray for us…that all heart sicknesses not affect many this day…

St. John of God, patron of heart patients, please watch over her father, pray for him that he may have good heart health. Not our will, but His be done, though.

St. Catherine of Alexandria, patron of women, please pray for this young lady, that she have peace of heart and be able to give her father great comfort in his time of need.

Father in Heaven,
Watch over this family. Guide them with Your Love. Give them Your Peace. Reveal to them Your Plan. Help them to live according to It. And help us all to be Your humble servants.
Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.



dujs, your dad is in my prayer.
God bless.

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