Prayers Needed for My Dog Please!

I have a dalmation, who is old. Her name is Lexie, and she is very sick. She won’t eat and can’t even stand up. We are taking her to the vet now. Please keep her in your prayers! Pray that the vet can save her!

Thank You!!

Sorry to hear it, praying for your intention!

God, loving creator of all life, help us to treat with compassion the living creatures entrusted our care; may they never be subjected to cruelty and neglect, and may the dominion you gave us over them be a partnership of mutual service so that through them we come to a greater appreciation of your glory in creation.

praying for your Lexie :crossrc:

Lexie will be in my prayers. :gopray2:

Lexie is a family member. I will pray.


Lexie passed away this afternoon.

Thank You for your prayers!

I know you’ll be shedding tears over Lexie’s loss. I ask God to comfort you…knowing that your dog has been a source of companionship and wonderful loyalty

I am so sorry for the loss of your Lexie! May God grant you consolation and peace. I always hope that when I die my dog will be there to greet me. What would heaven be like without them?

I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved Lexie. I’m praying for you all.

Sorry for your loss.

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