Prayers needed for my son and dad - both have chronic coughs

Both have chronic coughs that need more testing. For my dad I’m scared this could be a return of the lung cancer he had 27 years ago because he now has a chronic cough, chest pains and wheezing which are symptoms of lung cancer. He will need more tests.

My son has had a cough that will not go away for about five months. He does not have allergies. We are going to specialists to figure out what is wrong. I’m worried he might have something serious.

I would be so grateful if you would say a pray for both of them.

Thank you,

I’ll be praying for your son and your father.

They’re both in my prayers. :gopray:

Praying for both. :crossrc:

My prayers for them :crossrc:

Praying for your son and your father.

Praying for healing.


Prayers for your family that dad and son return to good health soon and these medical tests provide solutions for them to return to good health. Amen.

Praying for them.

I will pray for your son and dad.


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