Prayers needed for wayward nephew and ill sister


Any prayers or guidance would be appreciated here. My sister has cancer, multiple sclerosis and diabetes. She has been struggling with these illnesses for years but prior to getting ill adopted a child.

Her son is now 17 and Friday night she was taken by ambulance to the hospital. She was extremely dizzy, vomiting and passed out. After running numerous tests, they aren’t certain if her MS has worsened or if the cancer has worsened, but now her heart rate has refused to go above about 40 beats per minute.

Her son is failing all of his classes- only 2 of them are actually real classes the others are all like swing choir, etc… He had a party when she was out of town for work and denied, lied, etc… out of it. I cannot begin to list his unacceptable behaviors. My sister is no longer well enough to successfully parent and presently can’t at all.

Today he skipped school and she is letting my husband and I take a stab at tough love with him for the rest of the week. Please pray for us and if you have any tips, I would sure appreciate them.



Well, I thought things had gotten better but alas they have not. I really could use some help. Today we found out that my nephew not only has been skipping school and failing his classes but he also has been lying for the past 3 weeks about having a job. He never even applied at the restaurant he claimed to work at. When we confronted him, he got belligerent and I told him that tonight he was going to spend some time doing an examination of conscience and tomorrow we would go see the priest so he could talk to him about it. Then he told me he didn’t believe in God, took off his Crucifix and threw it in the hospital trash can. He came home with me and I told him that because he not only disrespected my sister and me, but also our Savior, I didn’t even want to look at him and he needed to stay in his room until my husband gets home and we decide what to do. Any guidance???


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