Prayers needed for work situation

Hi everyone. Please pray for my co-workers and my boss. My boss plays favorites with one or two people in the office (and when I mean favorites, there are some questionable things going on during office hours and after hours as well as when she doesn’t want to do a job, he puts it off on someone else). Several of my co-workers are having a really tough time right now with several things regarding these issues. I’m going back to school to get my masters to work in a different field so I’m not necessarialy asking for prayers for me as I’ll eventually be out of here, but I’m not so sure everyone else will be getting out.

Please pray for them that the situation gets better and pray that my boss’s heart changes so that he will possibly make the situation better.

I will pray for the situation.

Dear Father, please help those that are in difficult work situation, whether it be boss or employee. We ask for justice and fairness in the workplace. May Your will be done. Amen.

Praying for this intention.

I pray for a good work place, that there might be less favouritism and politics, and more openness and harmony between all those who work there.


Dear AngelRose…I will pray for your co-workers that the situation improves and that the boss has a change of heart making the workplace much better…will keep in prayer too that you will successfully attain your masters…


Praying for this intention. :gopray:



Praying for these intentions…

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