Prayers needed for young catholic woman


who has had an abortion…and now has an eating disorder due to the guilt. That she may return to church and accept healing and forgiveness through the sacrament of reconciliation.


I pray that she might not forget God’s loving mercy and compassion, that she might remember God’s forgiveness. May the Holy Spirit guide her towards Him.


Praying for her and for her aborted child. May God send her grace to come to Him and may she receive the forgiveness and mercy He so wants to give to her. They are in my prayers.:gopray2:


Amen. :gopray2:





Praying for her and her child…


Lord, please help this woman to receive forgiveness and to forgive herself. Maybe she can help others to choose a different path.


Will pray as you have asked…


Mary, Blessed Mother, guide this young woman to the loving forgiveness and mercy of Your Son. Cradle her child in your loving arms. Pray for her.


I’m praying this as well.


I will pray special prayers for your friend, her child and the father.




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