Prayers needed - forced abortion and rape of innocent


My parents’ parish prayer line got a request today. A Catholic high school girl is being forced to have an abortion this friday (1/16). Please pray that someone has a change of heart and that this mother and baby do not become the next victims of abortion on demand. :frowning:

I also heard news that a 3 month old baby girl was raped. Thankfully yesterday she was brought into the doctor’s office by a woman (not sure if she’s related) who was concerned about the bleeding in her diaper. So now she is out of that dangerous situation, but the damage has been done. The doctor said her vagina is in shreds :crying: and she is in the custody of the state. It makes me so sad on so many levels–the pain this baby went through, the pain she will still have to endure, possible future fertility problems, being shuffled around the foster system and possible one day returned to the people who did this to her, and of course the state of the soul of the person who did this.


Jesus please protect these three victims of sin and injustice, one girl and two babies. Take them into Your heart and save them.


I pray the high school girl has the courage to scream “I do not consent! I am being forced!” throughout the clinic. The doctors would be mad to touch her… lawsuit waiting to happen. Honestly, I know a lot of pressure is being brought to bear, but the girl has to actually go in, get undressed, put on the gown, lay down on the table, and allow the process to happen! She’s not a baby, she’s a couple years away from legal adulthood.

As for the baby… I will pray for her healing, but I’ll be honest, I’ll be hoping the perp gets offed in jail and gets to suffer the torments of Hell for eternity…


That’s what I was thinking too. The parents might have her so scared of being thrown out on the streets, etc. that she doesn’t have the courage to fight against them. Praying that *someone *in that situation has a change of heart, be it one of the grandparents or the girl herself :gopray:


OMGosh, how horrible for all involved. I’ll definitely be sending up some prayers for the high school girl and her baby…that the girl will have courage to stand up to those forcing her.

And for the baby…my heart just breaks. My brain just can’t comprehend how it’s possible to want to do such a thing to an innocent baby. :crying: Prayers for her as well.


Our hearts are breaking…Lord, I know Your Heart bleeds for us as well. Send healing and miracles. I will try to fast and pray for all involved.



they have my prayers.


:crying: just :crying:

Offering up prayers for the 3 of them:crossrc:


I was up all night haunted by this thread. I think God wanted me to stay awake so I could pray for them, and that I did.:sad_yes: :crying: :gopray2: :signofcross:


Sadly, When I was in the AF a guy stationed at the same base got drunk and raped his own 4 mo old dd and killed her… What part of that even seems like a good idea even when drunk? Even worse though was that the AF had to discharge the guy because the civilian courts would be even tougher on him than they could be… so much for military justice.

We need to pray for all involved… the baby, the girl facing abortion, her mother, and the perpetrator… that God may soften the hearts of the abuser and the mom and for healing for both the little girl and big girl and for that innocent baby whose life is in danger.

We also need to pray for the social workers that see this kind of horrible abuse, the doctors that perform abortions and anyone else involved.

I was listening to an mp3 last night about covenants and Dr Hahn was talking about the people who take oaths… doctors, judges, military etc, being answerable to God for any harm that they do to society or any injustices… my first thought was, “Dear Lord, I would hate to see what you are gonna do to abortionists!” It also reminded me that we are all responsible for our society… do we allow laws to be changed without protesting or voting? Doesn’t that make us culpable?

Anyway, it is sad that the March for Life is on the 22nd and here that poor teen is facing an abortion now.


I checked the news today from the town where the baby was discovered. Apparently someone was jailed for child molestation yesterday after turning himself in, but they didn’t give any details. I hope he is the one who was responsible for attacking this little girl. They said he was jailed for molesting 2 little girls, but didn’t give their ages or any more information because it’s still under investigation.

I’m sorry to have burdened you all with this, but I know that the people on this forum have big hearts and would pray, pray, pray! All of your prayers, I know, will make a difference in these little ones’ lives.


I had the same problem. Each time I see the title I get to thinking “I wish I never opened that thread.”

Prayers here too.

The abortion is bad, the three month old being raped sent me over the edge.


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