Prayers Needed Of Guidance


Hello CAF members,:sad_yes:

I was wondering if I may have some help of your goodness in heart and prayers for the love of my life.

Perry is the father of my children and I’ve loved him almost my entire life. I am in the moment of thought to leaving him in which deep inside I truelly don’t want to leave him.
I feel that he needs more than my prayers to help guide him towards GOD, so that he may have a positive attitude in life and hopefully guide him away from EVIL temptations and doers.

Everyday I will pray for him that he will walk with GOD and that he will have the strength to walk away from EVIL. If you may, please help me pray for his guidance so that he can change his attitude in life not just for himself, but for GOD and his children.

Really need more prayers for the power of GODs grace in guidance and mercy in life.

Renee Lynn “HOPE” Castro


Praying for your family.


May St. Joseph and Pope John Paul II, patrons of the family, intercede with their prayers for you and your marriage.



My prayers are with you and Perry.




Praying very hard for your intention!


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