Prayers Needed


Please add Doyle Winn to your prayers he has just been dx with lung ca.


Praying for your friend Doyle. May he -and you- be strengthen as he goes through this trying proces.
Peace and blessings to you Maggiec. I’m a new member in the forum.


Praying for Doyle!


Thank you for your prayers. This is an older post and I have not visited here for quite sometime. We lost Doyle about a year ago.

God bless,


I’m sorry Maggiec. I’m new here and didn’t realize the date. But I’ll keep you in prayer, and also Doyle, of course. Peace be with you, and thanks for responding.


Prayers :crossrc:


Thank you for your kindness, Praying for our dead is a very necessary thing to do, God will surely bless you.





Praying for Doyle. :gopray2:


I will pray that he is in Heaven.


I’ll pray for the repose of his soul.


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