Prayers Needed


I am new to this website, but in reading many of the threads and posts, I sense the sincerity and thoughtfulness of many of the responses to questions and requests for help.

I am a middle aged divorced man and although I’ve always been a true believer and churchgoer, I can best described my relationship with The Lord as a tumultuous running battle, with a lot a heated arguments and yelling. I’m not sure if I’ve been stubborn, stupid or just a plain weak sinner.

I’ve been fighting and resisting what started as a whisper and which has now turned into a loud voice that I feel is calling me to a life of service as a deacon. I keep answering by saying “You can’t possibly mean me Lord. I mean I’ve been a lifelong sinner, and now divorced. You just can’t mean me!!!”

Several years ago I dedicated the rest of my life to serving others through a charity I started to help disabled kids and their families and I thought the service I was committing to was absolutely as a lay person. But what I’ve discovered is that so many of the problems people and families face are a result of not having God present in their lives. And that’s when the whispering started!

I’m asking for prayers and advice as I try to discern whether or not this is a true calling! Thanks.


You will be in my prayers.


May God bless you with wisdom and knowledge as you discern His plan for you. May He let you know in ways you understand His plan for your life. Amen.


Lord, grant Jack the graces and clarity to discern your will in this matter and all matters. Guide him with angels. Lead him close to your heart now and forever. Mary, pray with us. Amen.


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