Prayers of Petition / God's will


I need some help with this concept.

I understand that when we pray and ask for something from God (safe travel, speedy recovery, end to war, etc.) we do so asking to for these things to be done according to his will. Basically…God’s Will be done. So my question is can God’s will change? If his will is to be done, does it matter whether we pray for what we want? Or can we influence God’s will through prayer?



God has a plan for the faithful…He knows what is good for us…For example, instead of asking God to help your business with financial troubles, you ask God…“Please help me through this tough time, help me deal with with stress…I leave it up to you, Lord Jesus, if my business doesn’t succeed, so be it, but help me stay faithful to you and happy and patient with my family”…Nobody knows what God’s will is so keep praying…


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