Prayers please for those horribly affected by Irene

Please pray for all those affected so horribly by Hurricane Irene. The results of the flooding are so much more than you might imagine if you are in an area not hit, and it’s heart-breaking to see what everyone is going through just in our area. So many homes have been lost already or may be soon before all of the rivers crest, power is still out for so many and will likely be for days to come, and many people such as my son are ill and still unable to return to their homes. I pray he and everyone else will have a home to return to without too much damage and that he will be able to recover soon, health-wise and otherwise.

Dear Lord, please watch over everyone and be right by our sides through all of this. Thank you for always being our consolation and rock. Amen.

And thank you to everyone here, too.

Have been praying for all affected. Know what it’s like when homes and businesses are inundated, and the short-term and long-term effect on lives. May God be with all, and hopefully thousands in the various communities affected will turn out to help clear up and support others as occurred in my city not long ago. May God’s goodness shine through others and those affected. Prayers too that insurers will honor their obligations.

Part of my parents’ home was flooded, and between that and damage to the driveway and property, they’re looking at somewhere around $30,000 worth of damage! :eek: :frowning: I know in the grand scheme they’ll be OK and many others have it far worse, but any prayers for them would be appreciated.

Prayers continuing for everyone affected, there are so many! Hopefully many will get their electricity restored soon - that’s one of the first steps toward normalcy - and then houses and property repaired/rebuilt, roads fixed for access, the list goes on. It actually looks like a war zone in upstate NY where we are, and in many other places, too. Probably hard for others not affected to imagine.

Please, Dear Lord, help them all get through this, day by day, step by step.

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