Prayers Please!


As you can see I don’t post often but visit the sites daily because I learn so much from all of you.
I am a cradle-Catholic man of 38 years. Very involved in my parish community as a Lector, EEM, Parish Council member, and RCIA team leader.
I was recently diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease and I find myself struggling deeply with this.
I know that I can, and will, lead a full life in spite of the disease but am so afraid that I will no longer be able to participate as a Lector, due to the affects on my voice, or as an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister due to the tremors in my hand.
Please say one for me for understanding and for strength.



I will definitely pray for you.



Prayers coming. Stay strong.




Your in my prayers also. Stay strong and remember the medical field is constantly making advances everyday.


added to my prayer list, God Bless



we’re praying, wbira!!!


I will pray for you


I have added you to my prayer list!


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